Anguilla (AXA) is internationally known as a high-end destination for discriminating tastes with first class boutique resorts and five-star dining. Our 33 powered white sand beaches and turquoise waters are perfect for relaxing, snorkeling and diving. Lloyd's Aviation has been providing service to private aircrafts since 2004. We provide year-round high quality service. Let us be your gateway to Anguilla (AXA) and St. Barths (SBH).

  • Limited commercial traffic, no exemption for arrival of Private Jets during operational hours. Late Ops available.
  • Ease of Transfer, no immigration and customs, go directly from arrival aircraft to your charter for travel to St. Barths (SBH) from Anguilla (AXA).
  • VFR corridor unique to AXA and SBH. Visual Flight St. Barths, no delays, no permission required.
  • 100,000 gallon JetA fuel farm. Fuel available at your request.
  • The new completion of an additional 250,000 square feet of ramp for parking
  • New FBO Building 2015/2016 Holiday Season
  • We are a proud member of NATA and trained in Safety 1st"


New Jet Ramp Attracts Much Public Interest

The newly-completed ramp, north of the central area of the Clayton Lloyd International Airport, provided well-needed parking space for the executive jets flying to Anguilla over the Christmas and New Year season.... Full Story